During Covid-19 Music Halls has many exciting plans to continue to deliver amazing music to our loyal audience. Over the next few weeks we are launching with a musical archive commission from, and for, the people of Waltham Forest, 
telling local stories of our music and its creators from around the world. 

This is an archive of commissioned  collaborations from artists right across Waltham Forest. We are a group of musicians, singers, instrumentalists and producers who call this borough home. This, our archive, is born out of a collective desire to collaborate and galvanise at a time when the world has changed beyond that which we knew it to be before. 

This is our response to Covid-19 isolation and distancing. We are a number who have had our work cancelled, tours pulled and sessions set back. We’re not playing live to you, our audiences, but we know that part of who we are is to provide the backdrop, the soundtrack to people in isolation and again as and when we come back together as a society. This is our raison d'etre and our offer to fill the public spaces with sound, which binds us together. This is our social capital, a glue in mending society as we build together a new kind of world. 

Archive will live in a few weeks, sign up for updates






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