Noga Ritter

and Liran Donin

This is a very special joining of worlds. Noga and Liran hail from Tel Aviv though they met through their diverse work in the London's jazz-world music scene. They both work with artists across different backgrounds, musical styles and art forms which brought them together for this special collaboration. In this piece of music they are exploring improvisation from a distance as a starting point of this collaborative songwriting process, reflecting on how limitations of this unique time we are living in can empower us as individuals and as artists whilst exploring new ways to interact remotely. 

Originally from Israel, Noga Ritter is an eclectic singer-songwriter, band leader and workshop facilitator whose music fuses Afro-Diasporic grooves and Jazz harmonies. Her live shows are wild and energetic, with lyrics, sung in both in Hebrew and English, that take the audience on a soulful journey. 

Tel Aviv born bass player, producer and composer Liran Donin has been involved with high profile and cutting edge artists, bands and projects both nationally and internationally, a highly sought after bass player across a varied musical spectrum. 

Seamus Fogarty

and Emma Smith

Based in Walthamstow since 2014, Emma Smith & Seamus Fogarty originally hail from South West London and the West of Ireland respectively.


Emma began playing the violin when she was two years old and has gone on to perform all over the world with her own groups (The Elysian Quartet, Geese) and a host of artists from Brian Ferry to Jarvis Cocker to Hot Chip. Seamus was a comparatively late bloomer, taking up the tin whistle when he was 5. The Guardian awarded his last album The Curious Hand (Domino Records) a glowing 5 star review calling it a ‘stunning, mercurial album’


Paul and Samantha have been friends & neighbours for several years, they have shared billings together but have never collaborated. As admirers of each other's music and with some interesting crossover of influences, it felt like the perfect opportunity to make something together for the first time. They bring different approaches to songwriting and are excited to see where that takes them! Drawing from local stories and a love of Ghost Box Records they hope to create a spooky, folky and slightly left-field song for Waltham Forest!

With Scottish roots, transplanted into London’s soil in her teenage years, Samantha Whates is a cosmopolitan Celt with equal parts concrete and heather to her music. A regular live performer, Samantha has played throughout the UK and Europe, from small pubs to large festivals and major UK venues (Union Chapel, Sage Gateshead, Royal Festival Hall, Roundhouse, Green Man Festival, Great Escape). Samantha has enjoyed both critical acclaim and radio play (BBC 6 Music, Radio 2, KCRW, Resonance FM).

Paul Mosley is an award winning singer/songwriter and composer. He writes a lot for Puppet Theatre and leads a junk orchestra. His folk opera 'The Butcher' has toured successfully around the world and his albums have been awarded Album Of The Year status by BBC6music, and The Quietus.

Tom Excell

and Mamadou Sarr

Mamadou and Tom both played together at Africa Express earlier on in the year in Leytonstone as part of Borough of Culture. After which time they had a strong musical connection. And jumped at the chance of working together again for Forest Sound Archive. 

Currently based in London, but originally from Dakar, Senegal, Mamadou Sarr is an exceptionally talented performer, specialising in Djembe, Sabar and Calabash percussion traditions. Also an experienced conga and caxon player. Mamadou is the long-standing percussionist for the internationally acclaimed Senegalese artist Baaba Maal and for the Sona Jobarteh, the rising star from the Gambia. Mamadou has toured extensively with these artist throughout the UK and internationally.


Over the last 10 years Excell has established himself as an eclectic producer of Jazz, Pan-African music, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Folk and Electronic music with tracks released on labels such as Domino, Strut, Soundway, Tru Thoughts, Six Degrees, Luaka Bop, Dharma and Easy Star Records. He is the composer, producer, guitarist and percussionist for his own projects Nubiyan Twist, Onipa and Chief Roackas as well as producing, composing and remixing for many other artists such as Nerija, The Turbans, Kassin, Ego Ella May, Me and My Friends, Megan Henwood, By The Rivers, K.O.G & the Zongo Brigade, Kapurna Quartet and Ria Moran.

Api Ascaso and Layil Barr from a really exciting duo acoustically rich in delivery where Api sings and plays the melodica, piano, drums, guitar, Ukulele and a few other herbs. Layil Barr, Bass viol, recorders, voice, piano, red lipstick. They weave their spells and cling to sanity in the midst of a pandemic...

They got together one Sunday morning, surrounded by chaos, they realised they have a story to tell. They unpacked their memories, dreams and lies. They revived them with sounds.

They explain their music to "celebrate the unbeatable spirit of freedom fighters, cries Llorona's tears, converses with Rumi's secrets, dances naked in the streets, dives to the bottom of oceans searching for a forgotten pearl and puts their relentless children to sleep".


Charles Watson and CJ Mirra

Charles Watson has known CJ Mirra for a few years now. They  live near each other and got to know  each other walking our kids through the woods and talking about synths. When the opportunity to collaborate with someone in the borough came up it was a perfect project for them to work together on. They had already worked together when we performed CJ’s beautiful score for Translate at the London Surf Film Festival last year.


“I wrote the song It Must Be Night at home and tried to not play it to CJ so when we  got set up, it would be the first time he heard the tune. I guess the nature of the sessions  was that we didn’t have loads of time to mess around so we just worked super quickly. I  had another song ready but this song felt like I might be able to play the drums on it  quickly (I was wrong, my mate Rob overdubbed the drums later). In the absence of a  band we just recorded a load of stuff and then deleted most of it later. I like to write alone and then collaborate with musicians/producers while recording.  I’m a big fan of arranging songs with other musicians rather than sticking to a definitive  structure. I think that's one thing I missed the most this year. Working with lots of other  humans is fun. 

For their first time collaborating together, Rachel Hayter and Tal Janes composed a tune inspired by the Walthamstow Wetlands, a place that has provided a much-needed wild escape for many residents of Waltham Forest during lockdown. Their composition, entitled ‘Split Leaf’, is a mellow and spacey journey with touches of folk and jazz.

Rachel Hayter is a flautist, composer and music educator specialising in Brazilian music. She performs with many bands with genres ranging from Latin American music to jazz and UK folk, and leads award-winning Choro quintet Alvorada. Tal Janes is a guitarist and composer new to the borough! Tal trained in jazz, studying at the Royal Academy of Music, and performs music from a diverse range of genres. He composes music for the band Bahla, and has performed, recorded and toured with many of London's top artists such as Jordan Rakei, Waaju, Zara Mcfarlane, Coco Mbassi and others.